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Image by Raphael Wicker
South Canterbury Working Equitation Inc.
Welcome to South Canterbury Working Equitation. 

Working Equitation is all about training and versatility creating a strong bond between horse and human.

Open to all breeds and all genres of tack, the focus on agility and athleticism alongside the mental and bodily health of our horses makes it a perfect focus for ethically minded riders.


Working Equitation has the principles of Classical Dressage at its center.


Started by four European countries, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain with the first international competition being run in 1996. Working Equitation is now a world wide phenomenon and rapidly growing sport. 



 Three phases offered in New Zealand; Dressage, EOH and Speed.

  1. Dressage. In a 20 by 40 meter  arena, each dressage test seeks to mimic the moves needed in each level, encouraging harmony and agility.

  2. EOH (ease of handling). The partnership demonstrate their ability, finesse and style with a set number of simple obstacles. The difficulty of the obstacles rises with the levels.

  3. Speed, the same obstacles done at speed with agility and precision.

  4. Cattle. Not yet offered in NZ. (tests the ability of the horse and rider to work cattle individually and with teammates)


To find your level, check out the Rules and Tests or phone or email our club to discuss your options. OR come to a club day and have a chat and see where you and your horse are at. 

Current Board

Chair: Sally Thorne

Secretary: Brenda Reading

Show Secretary: Keri Johnston

Treasurer: Nina Ireland

Club Day organiser & ground person: Shona Drummond

Committee: Sally Thorne, Tim Thorne, Shona Drummond, Keri Johnston, Nina Ireland, Brenda Reading & Pip Thompson

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