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Kiwi Pickup

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Two secure platforms 1 metre or higher, not exceeding 1.6 metres.

The distance between the platforms must be at least 10 metres.

The pickup item can consist of an object that is not scary, flappy or unsafe for all riders to pick up. Examples include an oilskin coat tied in a bundle, gumboot, saddle bag, hessian sack, Cowboy hat, stockwhip or soft toy.

At Introductory level the obstacle is performed at walk, or halt then walk-halt.

At Preparatory and Preliminary the obstacle is performed at walk or trot, and as above with halts and proceed in walk or trot. Transitions may be progressive.

At Novice to Medium the obstacle is performed at walk or canter, and as above with halts or in motion and then proceed in walk or canter.

The mode of pickup and dropoff is to be consistent. Either both in motion or both with halt. Inconsistency will be penalised.


This obstacle may be ridden as one obstacle (eg. a, b) or as two individual obstacles.

Except in Preliminary where it must be numbered as one obstacle with parts a and b.

This obstacle may be ridden in motion as per the prescribed gaits.

If transitional markers are present the horse will transition down on approach to pickup and dropoff stands.

The competitor will pick up the item while the horse is in motion, continue to the dropoff stand and place the item on the stand as the horse passes by at the appropriate gait.

Riders at Novice and below will not dismount.

At these levels, the rider will score a (zero) 0 (EOH) or a penalty will apply (Speed) and will be asked to move onto the next obstacle.

At Elementary and above, in Speed and EOH, if the rider drops the item before the dropoff stand, they must dismount and retrieve it, remount and continue to the drop off point.


WENZ Rulebook V1.0

Judging Directives
The judge will take into consideration:
● The horse’s confidence and balance throughout the performance
● The continuity and fluidity of gait
A score of 5 or less will be given:
● For a break in gait
● For circling the barrel at pick up or drop off
● If the halt is not balanced or maintained
● For inconsistency of mode of pickup and dropoff
A score of zero will be given for:
● Knocking down a barrel
● Stand at pickup or deposit
● Dropping the item
Obstacle performed at wrong gait


Sally Thorne comments & tips from Waikora Equestrian Retreat
As this is done either on the move or with a halt there are several ways to train this obstacle. The way of doing it may be left to individual competitors or may be prescribed by the course designer. So train BOTH ways.

Training Tips
  • If a halt is needed, train for your square halt and make sure your horse learns to stand while you wriggle around a bit . Make sure as you lean over to pick up the item you don’t spur or leg your horse on his off side! When training this pick this up sometimes and put it straight back down, then stand some more. You don’t want your horse to associate the item being picked up with automatically moving off ( the same for switch cup  and  bell corridor)

  • If no stop is required practice keeping a straight line with one hand while you lean over to pick up the item.

  • Practice on the ground lifting different objects toward your horse in front of the saddle. Proceed slowly with a lot of advance and retreat if the horse is at all bothered by this.

  • When first mounted , lean over touch the item and sit back up. Do not pick up the item until your horse is fully ok with you leaning over to touch and sitting back up.

  • Make sure you ask at the competition which version is required.

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