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Deposit Pole

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This obstacle is the last in a series of three (pick up, spear ring or knockball, and deposit pole)


One open-top, well‐balanced and lightly-weighted barrel.


Wooden, bamboo or metal poles, between 2.4 and 3.5 metres in length. A wooden pole must have a minimum diameter of 28mm. The 2.4 metre pole is suggested for Lead-Line, Introductory and Preparatory.

  • At Lead-Line, and Introductory, the obstacle will be performed at walk.

  • At Preparatory the obstacle may be performed at walk or trot. The judge will consider the additional difficulty of the trot when awarding marks.

  • At Preliminary, the obstacle must be performed at trot.

  • At Novice and above the obstacle must be performed at canter.

Horse and rider approach the barrel at the required pace for the level and replace the pole, butt end down, in the barrel. The rider may circle the barrel while replacing the pole, though this is considered less difficult and will be judged accordingly.

This obstacle is used in conjunction with Pick-up Pole and Spear Ring. See explanation on their relationship above in Pick-up Pole.

If the pole is dropped or the pole bounces out of the barrel, or the barrel is knocked over before placing the pole in the barrel, or the barrel is knocked over and the pole comes out of the barrel, the rider must dismount, retrieve, and replace the barrel and pole into the correct position, then remount and continue the course. Failure to dismount and retrieve the pole will result in disqualification.

Exception: Riders at Lead-Line, Introductory, Preparatory and Juniors will not dismount. A member of the Ground Crew will pick up the pole and hold it upright, butt end down, for the competitor to take hold and continue the obstacle.

If the barrel falls over but the pole does not come fully out of the barrel, the rider is not required to dismount and reset the obstacle.​

WEDU Rulebook V4

  • The judge(s) will consider the way in which the horse approaches the obstacle, its reaction to the movement of the pole, and the relaxed manner in which the rider places the pole. The judge(s) will give a score lower than 5 for knocking the barrel over.

  • The judge(s) will give a mark lower than 5 if the pole bounces or falls out of the barrel after the rider has placed it there.

  • If the pole does bounce or fall out and the rider does not dismount and place it in the barrel, the rider will be disqualified. Exception for lower levels who will be given the pole. The judge(s) will give mark lower than 5 if the rider places the pole in the barrel tip end down.

Sally Thorne comments & tips from Waikora Equestrian Retreat

See Spear ring obstacle for training tips for this obstacle

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